1. Ferd’nand and his dog (Writers’ Club)



Try to explain this comic strip looking for the words that best describe the actions appearing on it. 

Thanks to Hilda Bolaño for the photo “The Sunset in Ciénaga, Magdalena (Colombia)”

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  1. Santiago de Jesus Miranda Altamar 24 abril, 2015 at 20:02 Responder

    Ferd’nand was reading a boook.!!!
    suddenly he heard a noise…and he ran at the door and shouted -when are you puppy?. he sought desperate at the shrubbery, at his house for dogs…but he did not find. Ferd’nand returned at his home intrigued by that sound; when he entered the house saw the dog lying on the couch…

    GRADE: 9-2… 😉

  2. Gabriel Ruiz Jaraba 24 abril, 2015 at 20:15 Responder

    Ferd’nand was reading a book and hear the barking of the dog then HE ran to see that you had gone to the dog and look for it by the shrubs and even in the House of the dog and not the meeting entered the House with the intrigue and found lying on the couch
    Grade: 9°2

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